Your city • inside and out

Neighborhoods 3.09

Get off the interstate and drive into Millwood


[Keeping them on their toes]
At Company Ballet School, students are responsive to the instruction of director Jonna Maule. Alert and disciplined, their arms and legs align in unison, their black leotards cutting a picture of human precision against the bright blue wall of Maule’s Millwood studio. Then one of her pupils cracks a grin, followed by a twitch and a dropped limb. The director calls a bathroom break, and the students giggle and bounce toward the door. Minutes later, Maule cues the music, claps her hands and it’s back to work—learning discipline, self-confidence, commitment, perseverance, and good health through the art of ballet. Company Ballet School and Performing Arts Center, 3201 N. Argonne Rd.; 509.869.5573 – AK


[Bygone bikes]
Like a lot of area bike shops, Paul Edward’s Millwood store is a full-bore repair center and dealer. But after 30 years in the business, Edwards’ inventory is leaning to the eclectic: in addition to a large selection of new mountain, road and racing bikes, Argonne Cycle carries a handful of vintage fixies and fat-tire cruisers—somewhat rare in the hilly, chilly environs of the Inland Northwest. “If you’re a neighborhood person, that’s all you need,” he says of the vintage beach bikes. Argonne also stocks recumbent cycles and a couple of “Flying Pigeons,” a Chinese commuter bike known for its single-speed design dating to the 50s. Argonne Cycle, 3215 N. Argonne Rd., Spokane Valley; 509.922.7528.- AK


[Meet your maker]
After years spent building a coffee and baked-goods empire, Rocket Bakery owners Jeff and Julia Postlewait are dabbling in wine and beer. As co-owners of Bottles (along with two other married couples) they carry more than 2,000 different labels in their Millwood store, including many Northwest wines and beers. Poised for growth despite the economic downturn and a subtle word-of-mouth marketing strategy, Bottles just added a new cooler and another 240 beers to the inventory. The secret? Maybe it’s the free bi-weekly beer and wine tastings that include snacks and an informal talk with the featured winemaker or brewer. Bottles, 3319 N. Argonne Rd., Spokane Valley; 509.443.4027. – AK


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