Your city • inside and out

Neighborhoods 2.09

Love is in the air at Carnegie Square


Finder’s Keepers
So you’re looking to score a few holiday points with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift—something glamorous and breathtaking, with a little bit of sparkle. But this year another anonymous, mass-produced hunk of jewelry from the mall won’t fit the bill. Before you head to the nearest pawnshop, consider going vintage at Finder’s Keepers. You can test your second-hand shopping mettle, participate in a particularly gratifying form of recycling, and give a gift that is singular, stunning and sure to please. Finder’s Keepers, 112 S. Cedar; 509.838.4590. — AK


French Quarter
This tempting little shop on West Sprague uses ingredients from local growers and fruits and herbs cultivated in the owners’ own backyards to produce a delectable variety of gourmet specialties. Hand-rolled chocolate truffles, homemade preserves and fine wines are among the shop’s offerings. The truffle selection changes weekly, but during the month of February expect a special Valentine’s infusion of Hawaiian lilikoi (passion fruit) syrup with artisan chocolate from E. Guittard. Romantic gift packages including roses, chocolate, champagne or wine will also be available. And don’t miss French Quarter’s weekly Friday specialty wine and truffle tastings. French Quarter, 1311 W. Sprague; 509.624.5350. — AK


Rocket Bakery
You’re settled into a cozy corner at Rocket on Cedar and First. Steam rises from the froth on your double-skinny cappuccino. Across the street snow drifts against the steps of the old Carnegie Library. A train rumbles past. The smell of fresh-baked bread fills the roomy café. “Hello, beautiful” you whisper to the iced blueberry scone that beckons from a plate. Frost is forming on the window, but inside the mood is warm, the attitude unpretentious, and the coffee and pastries invitingly sublime. Rocket Bakery, 1325 W. First; 509.747.1834. — AK


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