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[Shave and a Mohawk]
Spokane has no shortage of tried-and-true barbershops turning out crew cuts and flattops with an old-fashioned hot towel and straight-razor shave. But how many crop shops in town have the know-how to give you a faux-hawk or a head full of liberty spikes? Whether your style is short and flat, layered and shaggy, or sticking straight up in the air, Porter’s Barber Shop has something for most everyone. Even the décor mixes a vintage vibe with modern flair in an atmosphere that is at once stylish and distinctly masculine—a haven where a guy can relax, hear some tunes, watch a little tube, flip through a magazine, or just hang out. Porter’s Barber Shop, 614 W. Garland Ave.; 509.443.3116. – AK


[Eco-Fabulous Footwear]
Put some extra spring in your step this month with environmentally fashionable footwear at The Ruby Slipper. Buy a pair of Brazilian Corso Comos and a portion of the sale gets donated to one of several social and environmental causes. Or slip into a pair of funky Cydwoqs, handmade in a small California factory using vegetable-tanned leather and biodegradable glues. Ruby Slipper carries Chemical Wedding handbags and Don’t Ask Designs wallets, two Washington companies that hand-make their products using high quality leathers discarded by large manufacturers. Put it all in your own reusable bag this month and enter to win a 100 percent organic hemp Envirosax tote. The Ruby Slipper, 809 W. Garland Ave.; 509.325.3001. – AK


[Unexpected Drama]
Each Friday and Saturday night at The Blue Door Theatre, improvisational actors take their cues from the crowd. Using suggestions from spectators as a point of departure, the nine-member troupe makes theatre about them. On the spot. For 90 minutes. Before a paying audience. The outcome is typically a piece incorporating realism and comedy, set in a black-box performance space comprising a large square room with black walls and a flat floor—an intimate setting in which the troupe takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions and laughter until they find themselves cleverly back at the beginning. The Blue Door Theatre, 815 W. Garland Ave; 509.747.7045. – AK

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