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Short List 2.09

On our radar for the month of February 2009:


Vintage va-va-voom!

The Look
You have a past. Your love has a history. Shouldn’t your lingerie have a story of its own? At Lola Loves You you’ll find sexy vintage slips, teddies and babydolls fit for a pinup girl. Spokane native McCall Stover (aka Lola) cleans and lovingly restores every item to its original girly glory before it’s featured on her popular online shop at Tart. Sex kitten. Vixen. Tease. Whatever role you choose to play this Valentine’s Day, be sure you’re dressed the part. Slip into subtle sexiness that leaves just enough to the imagination. — Tricia Jo Webster

Girls don't read comics

Girls don't read comics

The Blog
As the female manager of a local comic book shop, Angela Valenti gets her share of astonished male patrons questioning her nerd cred. Common queries include “How can you work here?” and “Do you even read this stuff?” Well guys, the answer is yes. Yes she does, which is why Valenti now shares recent finds on her blog and through bi-weekly podcasts at, where she reviews new releases, superhero and non-superhero comics, and a Japanese “manga,” all from her own little corner of the nerdosphere. She also shares random social observations and the occasional odd interaction on the job. In her first post, Valenti writes, “At least once a month some guy tells me, with shock and a little disgust, ‘Girls don’t read comics,’” a charge she has poignantly turned on its head. And if you still don’t believe girls do read comics, visit Valenti at The Comic Book Shop’s NorthTown Mall location; she’ll set you straight. 509.487.4175. — Amy Klamper

Lotions and Potions

Love Potion No. 9

The Store
Lotions & Potions has been blending custom fragrances for more than 30 years, so they know that each romance has a scent all its own. Whether your love is sweet and fun, or deep and complicated, they’ll help you concoct a mixture that says “you’re mine.” A full line of high-end body products—including lotion, massage oil, bubble baths and body sprays—can be infused with your choice of more than 200 different fragrances and essential oils. You’ll know when you’ve found the perfect combination; it’ll smell like love. Lotions & Potions, in the Flour Mill, 621 W. Mallon; 509.328.1347. — Tricia Jo Webster

Write 'em, cowboy

Write 'em, cowboy

The book
For local romance novelist Linda Lael Miller, it’s all about wranglers and the women who love them. Except for a brief foray into thrillers and a couple of books about vampires, the Spokane native and best-selling author has penned countless tales of love in the West—inspired by her own Inland Northwest upbringing. “You write what you know,” Miller says. “And fortunately, I know way more about cowboys than I do vampires.” This month Miller heats things up with the first in a trilogy set in Big Sky country: After years working the rodeo circuit, three sexy, estranged brothers return home, forge new relationships, and find their way back to each other. “Montana Creeds: Logan,” starts the series, with “Dylan” and “Tyler” to follow in March and April. HQN Books; paperback; $7.99 U.S. ea. — Amy Klamper


Love's lucky charms

The Goods
Looking for an emotionally significant way to honor your love this Valentine’s Day? The hand-carved art jewelry featured at the Argentum Aurum gallery might be exactly what you’re seeking. Bling don’t mean a thing to the two women who shape precious metal into unique talismans, meant to mark milestones. Instead, the focus falls on symbolic images that enrich memories of life’s treasured moments. Most pieces of the wearable art are carved on both sides, and many of the rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings pop with brilliant resin color. Mesmerize her with meaning. Argentum Aurum, 402 W. Main; 509.455.6158. — Tricia Jo Webster


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