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Clothes Call

Each month Metro asks members of our community to share their personal style. We give folks a couple of weeks to pull together an outfit from their existing wardrobe, and a chance to tell us where the items came from and what it is they like about them. Then we take a bunch of pretty pictures and choose one to feature in the print edition of our magazine’s Urban Affairs section.

In April we featured real estate agent Jon Jeffries. Cameron Glass photographed Jeffries in Spokane Metro‘s new digs on the sixth floor of the Peyton Building in downtown Spokane. As a young commercial real estate agent, Jeffries says he dresses to impress. “As a result of my youth, I can be seen as inexperienced by many investors and business people; therefore, I try to offset this perception with a serious and determined style,” he says. “I have an infatuation with bright shirts and ties—vibrant colors really make an outfit pop. A wide-shouldered overcoat becomes the most important aspect of my outfit, because it screams presence. I buy most of my clothes from Nordstrom, as they always feature a wide selection of the most recent styles.”

See Jeffries in his full, four-color glory in the April 2009 issue of Spokane Metro Magazine.


“I would say my style is business-suave.”

– Jon Jeffries

Clothes Call Archives

Clothes Call 2.09

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