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Spokane Metro Magazine wants to hear from you! Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, send your thoughts to, or write us at Spokane Metro Magazine, 9 S. Washington, Ste. 620, Spokane, WA 99201. Letters are subject to editing for length, spelling errors, etc.

Letters appearing in the February 2o09 issue

[go zags! go metro!]
I love Spokane Metro. I would encourage all parents to give a subscription to their Zags—in or out of state. We live in Paradise Valley, AZ, and it’s nice knowing the latest buzz in Spokane! Many thanks!

— Mary Shetter, Paradise Valley, AZ

[none too precious]
Wow! This issue (Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009) is so fine—from the eye-dazzling, classy cover to the small red dots at the end of each article. I was stunned when I saw your cover in my mailbox and relieved not to see another “too precious” holiday cover. Good on you.

— Gerri G. Gosney, Santa Fe, NM

[friendly fire]
Nice story on SAAMI (Show & Tell, Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009). Timely and well reported. A really good overview with good point/counterpoint on the desire for a new club vs. the needs of existing owners.

— Luke Baumgarten, Spokane

[a complimentary thief]
Your Metro is stellar!!! I stole one yesterday from Upscale for 24 hours—went home, read every page. I don’t know if I have ever been so taken with a publication. The journalism is concise, appropriate, efficient, and sophisticated. This magazine seems to honor our fast paced lives with the concise editing. The photography—especially the cover, with no clutter—invites you to pick up and touch. Now I will go sign up for a couple of years and tell everyone about you.

— Bitsy Peffer, Spokane

[we love her, too]
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed seeing the article about Marguerite at the Flour Mill (Working Life, October 2008). She has been doing my nails since 1987 and she is fabulous. It was so great to see her included in your magazine!

— Terry Utigard-Rathbun, Spokane

[absolutely fabulous]
I just got my copy of Metro and it looks fabulous. I read it cover to cover. The photos, the articles, the ads even look fabulous. You’ve really got a great product.

— Heather Hanley, Spokane

[better than Bing?]
GORGEOUS cover on the current issue! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful December cover on a magazine. The whole issue looks great.

— Megan Cooley, Spokane

[glover mention]
Another great issue! Kim and I want to give out about six subscriptions for Christmas gifts this year. We want to give a current copy as part of the gift. What is the best way to get our hands on those copies and order/pay for the subscriptions?

— Bob and Kim Adolfson, Spokane

Metro Responds: Thank you, Bob and Kim. We appreciate your support. Every paid subscriber helps us maintain a healthy balance between advertisements and objective editorial content. You can find subscription cards inside each issue, available at Auntie’s, Barnes & Noble and Hastings, or you can subscribe online at Remember, it takes four to six weeks for that first issue to arrive in your mailbox. Enjoy!


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