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Spokane Metro is an award-winning magazine dedicated to entertaining and educating its readers with well-written stories and eye-catching photographs of the people, places, and events that form the Spokane community. The fundamental reason the magazine exists is to enhance people’s lives by showing them the best places to go, what to see, what’s new, and who’s who.

Pick up a copy of the magazine or browse our online content, and you’ll find that “local” is a recurring theme. Beyond our commitment to independent news and features, we are dedicated to helping Spokane’s people, businesses, civic and non-profit organizations survive and thrive. We take pride in the city’s large number of independent and often small companies and organizations that make Spokane unique. We’re also impressed with the wealth of cultural and non-profit resources that are helping put Spokane on the map. Shopping and dining, culture and nightlife, sports and outdoor recreation—Spokane has it all, and it’s all getting better by the day.

More than any other publication in the Inland Northwest, we are dedicated to showcasing our city as the beautiful and desirable place it is to live. Eleven times a year Spokane Metro provides readers with interesting stories, thoughtful commentary and gorgeous, full-color proof that Spokane is a great community with an impressive quality of life. We hope our publication will inspire readers to get out and explore the vibrant and rapidly growing city we call home.

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