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The Others

In Urban Affairs on March 17, 2009 at 6:06 pm


Is it just us, or does the new Wells & Co. development in Hangman Valley bear a strong resemblance to the suburban-like village of houses inhabited by “The Others” on ABC’s Lost? Given that the starting price for these one-bedroom, one-bath dwellings is $119K, perhaps not. But the 10 single-family homes situated around a common green-space (or at least it will be once the landscaping goes in) are similar to cottage-style infill developments in Portland and other cities. Several of the 550-square-foot homes include porches, and there’s plenty of outdoor space for socializing with neighbors. Maybe some of that open green space will be set aside for a community garden?

When we dropped by the other day, some of the dwellings were still under construction. Peeking through one or two windows gave us a rough idea of the layout. The bathroom/laundry room/closet area is only accessible through the bedroom. The kitchen includes a small space for a table and a couple of chairs. Each home has at least four good-sized windows. And the porches are a nice touch, though not every home has one. Other details include:

10 single-family 1-bed, 1-bath cottages

2 2-bed, 2-bath town houses

Granite kitchen counters

Ceramic tile floors in bath and kitchen

Home price includes full washer and dryer

Off-street parking

Energy efficient vinyl windows

Low-maintenance vinyl siding

Landscaping/snow removal provided by owners’ association

High frequency sonic fence to keep out the smoke monster

Located five minutes from downtown, if that.

  1. This is a very “proud” moment for the Wells and Co. family. This innovator of urban development has been making Spokane an inhabitable city for every city lover in every tax bracket for nearly 30 years. The project shown here, is just another way Wells&Co have shown us that profit is not the only reason to be up at dawn and stay till the janitor needs to vacuum under your desk.

    Ron and the rest of the visionaries at Wells have now made it possible for a first time home buyer to be part of something bigger than themselves. Something that is green, yet affordable. Close to town, yet safe. Aesthetically pleasing, yet not listed at $419,000.00.

    We as a community must embrace what the firms like Wells&Co that have been here for the ups and the downs are doing. Have stood by their “Original” plan, never wavering from their promises made in the conception phase. I think that this is just another reason for us to say that Ron, Julie and the rest of the Wells and Co. group are, and seemingly will always be one of the best things to ever happen to our fair city.

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