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Sushi City

In Knife & Fork on March 6, 2009 at 2:15 pm


Spokane is becoming quite the sushi Mecca. Almost a dozen sushi bars dot the city, including the new Aqua Asian Bistro (formerly Blue Fish, across from the Davenport), and the recently opened Sushiyama, located in the old Arctic Circle on 3rd Avenue in downtown’s west end. We haven’t tried the latter, yet, but friends Cathy and Scott Miller say they are familiar with owner Charlie Yamamoto’s other sushi establishment, Baek Chun Sushiyama Restaurant in Airway Heights. The Millers’ description of that sushi bar started with Yamamoto driving weekly to Seattle to obtain fresh fish for the weekend menu, and ended with the words “live shrimp crawling across the table … now that’s fresh!” Sounds worth the trip. In the meantime, check out Jim Kershner’s 2007 review of the Airway Heights restaurant here. Sushiyama, 1321 W. 3rd Ave.


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