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Fun Out The Yin Yang

In Here & Now on February 27, 2009 at 12:44 pm


2/27-28 • Deep. Sexy. Futuristic. Spokane? Yes, and you need to get out there and embrace it or it’s going to vaporize. Check out Soul Symmetry’s funk-electro-tech-house sound at their new Yin-Yang Nights set at Aqua Asian Bistro (formerly Bluefish). DJ Eric Thorne describes it as a Friday/Saturday night concept offering a mature nightlife experience with an upscale ambiance and an international vibe. Two separate nights, two equally unique vibes: Friday night’s “Yin” is geared toward the youthful, vibrant professionals among us. Close the door on your work week, meet up with friends and head downtown. Grab a bite to eat (Metro loves the coconut prawn sushi), slip into a sexy martini and groove to the deeper side of Soul Symmetry. On the flip side, Saturday night’s “Yang” is for the weekend warrior. Throw your hands in the air and get down to some big-city dance floor fillers. It’s high octane energy with an international vibe, emulating the bolder and more masculine qualities of “Yang.”

Friday’s DJ lineup includes Soul Symmetry’s Eric Thorne & Marcus Randall, and guest DJ Mashane. Saturday’s lineup: Soul Symmetry’s Eric Thorne & Marcus Randall, and guest DJ Jah. Aqua Asian Bistro, 830 W. Sprague, across from the Davenport.


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