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What We Saw Last Night

In Here & Now on February 8, 2009 at 2:51 pm


Koreshakti, a tribal fusion dance troupe performing for a packed house at Caterina Winery. For those unfamiliar with this group of women, let’s just say they are not your mother’s belly dancers. While a number of their routines incorporate Middle-Eastern gyrations and accompanying props, many of these dancers borrow liberally from hip-hop and other contemporary dance forms. They use veils and balance with candles and swords, but they also pop and lock their upper bodies to a combination of live and sampled music that blends traditional Eastern sounds with metal power chords and Bollywood techno. Even the costumes run a culturally diverse gamut, from spangled skirts and Spanish tassles to spike bracelets and fishnet stockings. You can find a link to a video clip from the event here.

Led by Nicole Richardson and Kendra Searls, Koreshakti is now surfacing as a performing troupe after months of training and preparation for the Caterina event (they debuted last Halloween at the now-defunct Bombay Palace on 3rd Avenue). Richardson says the group is planning a series of summer performances, so watch their Web site for details.


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