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In Here & Now on February 7, 2009 at 12:39 am


2/7 • With the 2009 Visual Arts Tour and the Spokane International Film Festival vying for our collective attention this weekend, squeezing yet another cultural experience into your calendar may be too much to ask. If not, then please stop by the Object Space on East Sprague this evening and check out the current exhibit, “No Object II,” a show featuring works from Spokane and Portland artists described as “too extreme for most Spokane galleries.” We’re not sure what that means, but a flier touting the show dictates “17+ due to art content.” Hmm.

Local blogger Curse Words and Birds notes that No Object II has been “left off the Visual Arts Tour.” A quick query to Spokane Arts Commission president Karen Mobley confirmed the gallery’s absence from the tour, though Mobley was unclear as to why.

Is it too far from the downtown arts district? Well, no, because the Garland District is part of the tour this year. Maybe it’s the 17+ rating. We may never know. But the promoters of No Object II are disgruntled, and wish the city would do more to embrace its non-traditional artists. Instead, they should recognize that in most cities with thriving art scenes, truly ground-breaking art is shunned by the establishment. So take heart, Object Space—as a new gallery operating on the fringe of the city’s mainstream, you must be doing something right. 5 p.m.-midnight. The Object Space, 1818 1/2 E. Sprague.

  1. …and drop by One World Cafe down the street while you’re at it, we just had lunch there and it was delicious, organic and healthy. Come on, we dare you.

  2. Did they try to register with the Visual Arts Tour? It’s like $30. They let pretty much anyone in (they did us anyway, for Terrain).

    Here’s our take

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