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Tonight: Reel Big Deal

In Here & Now on February 6, 2009 at 8:47 am
"You, The Living"

"You, The Living"

2/5-15 • Films from around the globe will flicker on the AMC Theater and Magic Lantern screens tonight through Sunday and Feb. 12-15 with the return of the Spokane International Film Festival. See some of the same films screened at Cannes, New York or even Toronto film festivals right here at home, with many of the filmmakers and actors sharing in discussions following screenings. Don’t miss “Wianbu – Comfort Woman,” an “uncompromising and claustrophobic study of a woman’s brutal ordeal in Japan’s infamous network of WWII military brothels.” Also lined up is “You, The Living,” a Roy Andersson film from Sweden billed as a “tragic comedy or a comic tragedy” about the human existence as shown through a series of vignettes that explore the moments in ordinary life. And check out a new film short by Spokane filmmaker Danielle Barbieri that tells the chilling story of how one man’s night is haunted by his past. Dubbed “Ouroboros,” the 11-minute short won the Staff Choice Award at the Nor’Easter Film Festival in Boston late last year. One of only two Spokane filmmakers to be featured in this year’s SpIFF, Barbieri is a graduate of Gonzaga Prep and a recent graduate of Boston University. River Park Square AMC Theaters, 509.624.2615; Magic Lantern Theater, 25 W. Main.


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