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Dollar Store Date Night

In Knife & Fork on February 4, 2009 at 9:30 am
Chef Ray Delfino uses the new kitchen at Taste Cafe & Gourmet To Go

Chef Ray breaks-in the new kitchen at Taste Cafe and Gourmet To Go

With the slumping economy taking a bite out of our Valentine’s Day budget, dishing up a romantic meal for two on the cheap makes a lot of sense. It’s a challenge we posed recently to three local chefs, all of whom joined us Jan. 6 for the first annual “Spokane Metro Chefs Invitational” at the new Taste Cafe and Gourmet to Go in downtown Spokane.

The contenders, selected for their culinary ingenuity and willingness to experiment with dollar-store fare, included the Spokane Club’s venerable Chef Ray Delfino, the Globe’s freewheeling Chef Howard Bateman, and Chef Race Jones, formerly of Europa and now a culinary consultant. The challenge? Prepare, cook and plate a dinner for two—comprising an appetizer, main course and dessert—for $10 or less. In under an hour. Click here to read more.

  1. I had forgotten how good this magazine was.

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