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What You Missed Last Night

In Here & Now on January 30, 2009 at 12:04 am


Hot Club of Spokane, playing to an empty ballroom in the basement of the Spokane Masonic Center. For free. Hot Club! Sad. Of course, more people might have been cutting up on the dance floor if the group that hosted the networking event had actually mentioned Hot Club was playing. Instead what we got was an email one day prior that mentioned DJs and music from Think Swing! Too bad, the Masonic Center is a beautiful, historical venue in the heart of downtown, and they had three of its six floors decked out with music, free food from Catered For You and the Glover Mansion (exclusive caterers to no less than The Fox), a chocolate fountain, party decorations, a couple of no-host bars, some DJs and numerous vendors from as far away as B.C.—which is far, considering the event touted itself as being a very local one, hosted by the Masonic Center, the Spokane Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. Together they form a triumvirate known as PULSE, or People Using Local Services Everyday, according to the email. It was a great idea in a unique space, and it was timed right for a Thursday, between 4 and 7. We hope they do it again—if nothing else, it’s nice to know things like this go on in Spokane.

  1. What fun that would have been!

  2. I was there, and it was pretty cool. That was my first time in the Masonic Temple. More people in attendance would have been nice for sure.

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